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President Trump Calls For Establishment Of National Vetting Center

On February 6, 2018, President Donald Trump signed a National

Security Presidential Memorandum to establish a National Vetting

Center (NVC) “to coordinate the efforts of departments and

agencies to better identify individuals seeking to enter the

country who present a threat to national security, border security,

homeland security, or public safety.”

A statement issued by the White House said the NVC, to be led by

the Department of Homeland Security, “will help fulfill the

President’s requirement that departments and agencies improve

their coordination and use of intelligence and other information in

the vetting process.”

The statement says:

The Federal Government’s current vetting efforts are ad hoc,

which impedes our ability to keep up with today’s threats. The

NVC will better coordinate these activities in a central location,

enabling officials to further leverage critical intelligence and

law enforcement information to identify terrorists, criminals, and

other nefarious actors trying to enter and remain within our

country. The NVC’s operations will adhere to America’s

strong protections for individuals’ privacy, civil rights, and

civil liberties. The Administration’s top priority is the

safety and security of the public, and the NVC will empower our

frontline defenders to better fulfill that obligation.

The statement may be viewed


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