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Zambia – Additional Supporting Documents Required for Work Permit Applications

Effective May 29, 2017, the Department of Immigration in Zambia has issued revised guidelines for the issuance of standard employment permits, requiring additional information and documentation in support of applications, including evidence that newly compulsory labour market testing has been carried out.


New work permit applications must be supported by the following additional documents:

  • A certified certificate of share capital, and a list of directors;
  • A copy of the employer’s succession plan which shall include an understudy training programme to be conducted by the foreign national to transfer knowledge and/or skills to a Zambian worker;
  • Original press advertisements which have appeared in two leading newspapers, in A5 size. The name of the newspaper and the date of the advert should be clearly visible on the advert;
  • A report on the outcome of the selection exercise.

Employers submitting work permit applications on behalf of their foreign national employees in Zambia must ensure that they have published suitable press adverts, and included the newly required supporting documents with their applications.

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