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Uganda – Online Application System Launched

In an effort to promote tourism, Uganda has lowered its government filing fee for single-entry visitor visas from US $100 to $50.

It also launched an electronic system for filing of all types of visas, work permits, and passes. Applications must now be submitted online rather than manually at the port of entry. Immigration authorities are still collecting manual applications but will soon set a deadline in which they no longer will be accepted and will also authorize airlines to not accept passengers unless they have an e-visa. Applicants that travel to obtain a visa on arrival must now obtain an electronic approval online before their travel. However, dependents of applicants that have filed manually, should also file their dependent passes manually as well.

Employers must register their profile on the electronic system in which they will receive a code to be inputted along with the applications that are filed. Applications filed online will take 2-3 business days to be approved, unless there is a request for additional documentation.

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