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UAE – Updated Foreign Employee Data Requested from TECOM Free Trade Zone

All companies that operate in the Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media (TECOM) free trade zone must confirm that TECOM has an updated list of all sponsored foreign employees’ names and salaries. These companies have until June 10th, 2014 to complete this. Failure to comply will result in suspension of the company’s access to government services through TECOM; such services include the processing of employee visas, residence permits, and renewals. Companies will receive an email notification regarding the request for data and then a hard-copy list of the company’s sponsored and non-sponsored foreign employees in the mail. Employers are to review the list, compare it to their internal records, and return the updated list to TECOM. In case an individual is listed as an active employee by TECOM but is no longer employed by the company, the employer must submit proof that the foreign worker’s residence permit has been cancelled. It is important to note that if a permit has not been cancelled, this may result in penalties and a declaration that the individual is an absconder, which may lead to his/her deportation. As the data is reviewed, it is possible that additional enforcement actions will be taken by TECOM.

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