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Thailand – Changes to Work Permit Applications Filed at the Employment Department

Foreign nationals filing work permit applications directly with the Employment Department in Thailand must be aware of changes that have been made effective immediately. Applications filed at the One Stop Service Center have not been effected.

Foreign employees entering Thailand on a non-Immigrant B visa, which is issued with a maximum of 90 days, must file their work permit application within 15 calendar days of entry. Failure to file within the 15 calendar days will result in the work permit application being granted to the validity of the non-immigrant B visa. The foreign national would have to exit and re-enter Thailand and reapply for a new work permit on the expiry of the visa and work permit.

For foreign employees that hold a non-Immigrant B visa rather than a long term visa with the work permit must now ensure to maintain the duration of the non-Immigrant B visa to coincide with their work permit. If the non-Immigrant B visa is not renewed while the holder is employed on a work permit, this may prevent a renewal of the work permit. The foreign employee would then have to cancel their current work permit and reapply for a new one.

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