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SWITZERLAND – Highly Skilled Worker Quotas to be Reduced

The Swiss Federal Council has decided that the total number of work permits will be reduced from 12,000 to 8,750 in 2015. This 27% decrease is likely meant to encourage Swiss companies to utilize the local Swiss workforce rather than seeking out non-EU and non-European Free Trade Association (EFTA) workers. The new quota will allow for 4,000 L-permits and 2,500 B-permits for highly qualified non-EU/EFTA nationals. Additionally, 2,000 L-permits and 250 B-permits will be granted to service providers of EU/EFTA member countries. Eligible service provider applicants must seek to provide services in Switzerland for more than 90 days or 120 days in a single calendar year. Companies should be aware of the new quotas and plan accordingly.

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