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Spain Approves EU Blue Card Amendments After Low Utilization in the Country

In May 2023, the Spanish government gave the go-ahead to alterations in the EU Blue Card guidelines, as this mechanism had not seen much use in Spain before then.

With these changes, the Highly Qualified Work Permit will now be split into two categories:

EU Highly Qualified Professionals Permit (Spain EU Blue Card):

  • who is this permit for: People who hold an EU Blue Card from another EU member state and wish to be employed in Spain for over 90 days, or foreign citizens who work in Spain but may occasionally need to travel within the EU for work reasons (as the permit permits temporary labor up to 90 days in a different EU country) are allowed to do so.
  • validity: The initial application can be submitted for a period of three years, and it may be extended for an additional two years.
  • eligibility: You need a minimum of a 3-year bachelor’s degree or more, or 5 years of work experience in the related field to apply for the job — unless it is in the ICT sector, where 3 years of working experience will be enough.
  • when can the applicant begin to work: People with an EU Blue Card from another EU country will have the ability to begin working in Spain as soon as the Spanish EU Blue Card application is filed. Those who don’t have the Blue Card yet may start employment in Spain once their application is approved and they have gone to the country to finish the required processes.

National Highly Qualified Professionals Permit:

  • who is this permit for Foreign nationals from other countries who are planning to work within Spain.
  • validity: The initial application can be requested for a 3-year period, and it can be renewed afterward for an additional 2 years.
  • eligibility: A “Técnico Superior” level of educational qualification (such as an advanced technical diploma) or higher is necessary, or alternatively, three years of work experience in the relevant sector.
  • When can the applicant begin to work: Only after the application has been approved can foreign nationals start working in Spain.

People who have an EU Blue Card from another EU country are able to work in Spain for 90 days without needing the Spanish EU Blue Card. However, if someone has acquired the same card in another EU country, their Spanish EU Blue Card will be canceled.

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