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SOUTH AFRICA – New Rules for Adults Traveling with Children

In attempts to diminish child trafficking, the South African Department of Home Affairs has declared new rules for adults traveling with children. Beginning October 1st, 2014, all parents traveling with minor children must carry the complete birth certificates which include details of themselves and the child. In situations in which only one parent is traveling with the child written consent from the other parent is required in the form of an affidavit. The consent should detail authorization of arrival or departure to and from South Africa with the child. In cases of divorce or a deceased parent, a court order or a death certificate will be required. The same is required of adults traveling with non-biological children. Minors who travel unaccompanied by an adult are required to travel with letters of consent and contact information from both parents. Additionally, the minor must carry letters and identity documents of the individuals hosting the children in South Africa.

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