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Singapore – Work Pass Exempt Activities No Longer Limited to 60 Days

Effective immediately, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore has removed the limit of 60 days for Work Pass Exempt Activities.

Now, the duration of a Work Pass Exempt Activity depends on the Short-Term Visit Pass (STVP) issued at the point of entry for between 14 and 90 days, and at any rate cannot exceed a cumulative total of 90 days in a calendar year (e.g. 3 stints of 30 days).

For work beyond the STVP duration, a work pass should be obtained from MOM.

What is the Work Pass Exemption?

Certain short-term work activities in Singapore may be performed without a work pass for a period of up to 90 days (with a cap of 90 days cumulative in a calendar year).

Eligible activities include providing expertise or specialized skills for commissioning or auditing new plant and equipment, or installing, dismantling, transferring, repairing, or maintaining any equipment or machine.

The expertise or specialized skills should be of a kind that is not available in Singapore, or that is to be provided by the authorized service personnel of the manufacturer or supplier of the equipment.

Other work pass exempt activities include arbitration or mediation services, exhibiting, journalism, junket activities, location filming and fashion shows, performances, organizing or conducting seminars and conferences, sports and tour facilitation.

Attending meetings, retreats, seminars, conferences and exhibitions as a participant does not require a work pass or an exemption.

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