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Russia – Annual Quota Application Deadlines Imminent

The deadlines are approaching for companies submitting standard work permit quota applications for hiring visa-required foreign nationals in 2018, and for quota adjustment.

Applying for a quota is not required for hiring highly qualified specialists (HQS).

Quota Application Deadlines

  • The deadline for submitting quota applications for 2018 is June 26, 2017 in Moscow and July 15, 2017 in St Petersburg.
  • The deadline for adjustments to the quota for 2017 is August 25, 2017 in Moscow and September 15 in St Petersburg.
  • The period for adjustments to the quota for 2018 in Moscow is October 9-27, 2017.

Out-of-Quota Positions

Some positions are not subject to a quota:

Aircraft and radio-electronic equipment engineer Aircraft and engine engineer Ballet dancer
Ballet dancer (principal dancer) Actor Orchestra musician
Symphony (chamber) orchestra musician Circus performer Performing artist-vocalist (opera and chamber)
Performing artist-vocalist (lead singer) Assistant director (filmmaker) Assistant artistic director
Choreographer Presenter General director of joint-stock company
General director of general directorate General Director of the inter-branch scientific and technical complex Director General of the Association
General Director of the enterprise General Director of the Production Association Chief engineer (manufacturing industry)
Chief Project Engineer Director (head) of hotel (camping, resort) Director (head) of branch;
Top management director (head, authorized person) Enterprise director (head, manager) Director of joint-stock company
Facility director (tourism) Department director Plant director
Director of association Director of economic affairs Director of representative office
Factory director Firm director Conductor
Deputy chairman of board Sound engineer Sound producer
Interior Engineer Engineer in Aviation and Radio-electronic Equipment Automation and mechanization of processes engineer
Automated systems and production management engineer Automated systems for management of production processes engineer Engineer for implementation of new technology
Data protection engineer Quality engineer Commissioning and testing engineer
Production management engineer Production preparation engineer Engineer in aircraft and engines
Welding Engineer Engineer for the operation of aircraft (aircraft systems) Engineer-constructor
Design engineer Process Engineer Electrical Engineer
Ringmaster (presenter) Tourist coordinator Correspondent
Reporter for publishers, newspapers, magazines Manager (catering and hotels) Headwaiter (floor manager)
Travel organizer (excursions) Technical translator Stunt coordinator
Chairman of the Board President of association (concern, corporation, socio-economic organization) Programmer
Producer Director Ballet tutor
Head of group (clubs, teams, amateur associations, studios, tourist groups) Drilling technician Commissioning and testing technician
Choreographer Art director Head chef

Employers in Russia hiring, or planning to hire, visa-required foreign nationals with a standard work permit, should note this year’s deadlines for submitting quota applications, and the quota exemptions.

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