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MEXICO – Streamlined Procedure for Visitors Entering by Land from the United States

Effective immediately, the National Immigration Institute (INM) in Mexico has announced a fast-track procedure for non-visa required nationals entering Mexico by land from the United States for non-remunerated activities including business or leisure.

The new system is intended to speed up the entry procedure by allowing applicants to complete the visitor’s permit form (Forma Migratoria Multiple, or FMM) and to pay the corresponding government filing fees, online in advance of travel.

Who Benefits?

Foreign nationals who live in the United States and who need to travel regularly to Mexico on business or leisure could benefit from these expedited entry procedures.

The online service is available for non-visa required nationals entering at the Mexico/US land border with Visitor status (without permission to perform remunerated activities).

How Does It Work?

Applicants for the electronic FMM form can complete the form online in advance, pay the government fees ($332.00 MXN (approximately $22.00 USD) and then print both the proof of payment and the FMM duly filled. This electronic FMM will be valid for 30 days before entering Mexico.

The immigration officer at the port of entrance will determine the total length of stay (up to 180 days) and issue a paper FMM. Both forms have to be returned to the immigration authorities upon departure.

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