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MALAYSIA – New Passport Holders Required to Undergo Transfer Process

A recent change requires that any foreign work or dependent’s pass holders who are traveling out of Malaysia with a new passport undergo a new transfer process. This process entails applying to transfer their endorsed work or dependent’s pass to their new passport prior to leaving the country. The transfer process is expected to take up to three weeks. Please note that those who do not complete the transfer process may not be allowed re-entry into Malaysia. These individuals will have to undergo the Visa on Arrival (VOA) process, during which Malaysian authorities will confirm if the foreign national has a valid entry visa. This process may take several hours at the airport, costs MYR 500 (approximately $140 USD), and may also require the presence of a representative from the Malaysian sponsoring company. Even after completing the VOA process, the foreign national must still apply for transfer of their work or dependent’s pass. Employers and foreign nationals should be aware of these changes and plan accordingly.

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