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MALAYSIA – Employment Pass Restrictions Based on Salary

Employment Pass holders earning less than 5000 Malaysian Ringgits per month will now be restricted to an initial two-year Employment Pass and only two two-year renewals. This is a significant change from the initial three-year Employment Pass with indefinite renewals. These same Employment Pass holders will no longer be permitted to apply for Dependent Passes or Long-Term Social Visit Passes for their common-law spouses, parents, and children over the age of 18. It should be noted that Employment Pass holders who received approval on their pass prior to December 31st, 2014 will still be permitted to apply for new passes for their dependents. Current holders who fall below the salary minimum may still apply to renew their family members’ passes after obtaining an approval letter from the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), which will confirm that the initial passes were approved prior to the new restriction. A maximum of two renewals will be permitted in these cases and the duration will match that of the sponsoring foreign worker’s Employment Pass.

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