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ITALY – Expedited Procedures for Intra-Company Transfers

Although the fast-track procedures have been in effect for over a year, they have just recently gained popularity among employers. Interested employers must first register with the Ministry of Interior, a process requiring that they make social security payments and complete an agreement with the Ministry. This process takes around three months. Upon being registered, the employer will be provided a password to access the online system in which they will then be able to submit applications for the fast-track procedure. As these applications are submitted online, documentation is not required. If and when the Immigration Office approves the application – a process that takes about two to three weeks – the foreign national may then apply to the Italian consular post for an employment visa. Once the foreign worker has arrived in Italy, he/she must complete a Contract of Stay and file an application for a Permit of Stay within eight days. Documents required by the Immigration Office for these procedures are as follows:

  • A copy of the foreign worker’s passport;
  • A copy of the ID document of the Italian company’s legal representative;
  • The certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, including an anti-mafia statement;
  • A notarized and apostilled support letter from the sending company, including an official translation;
  • The proof of government registered affiliation between the sending company and the Italian company, which must be accompanied by a notarized and apostilled legalization and also an official translation;
  • The foreign worker’s diploma, including a notarized and apostilled legalization and again, an official translation; and
  • The Italian company’s balance sheets and recent tax declarations.

Companies hosting many non-EU highly specialized workers on intra-company transfers are expected to benefit greatly from this expedited processing. It is highly suggested that employers opting for the fast-track procedures have all requested documentation ready for when the foreign worker enters Italy. Otherwise, the foreign worker will not be permitted to begin his/her work in Italy.

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