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ITALY – Changes to the Integration Requirement for Renewal Applications

Foreign nationals currently and previously residing in Italy now have additional opportunities to renew their residence permits even if they have not satisfied Italy’s “integration” requirements. The Italian government typically required foreign nationals to fulfill the “integration” requirements within a period of three years and the conditions could vary from demonstrated competency in the nation’s civil discourse to learning the Italian language. This leniency in the requirements is to provide relief to foreign nationals seeking to extend their work assignments in Italy beyond the three year limit.

The new legislation that allows foreign nationals to renew residence permits without fulfilling the “integration” requirements took effect on September 30, 2015. While the new rule still requires that foreign nationals satisfy the conditions in the three year period, it allows for immigration authorities to exercise discretion if the applicant has not attained the 30 points specified in the integration contract they signed and that is needed for renewal. Additionally, foreign nationals who did not previously fulfill the “integration” requirement and were therefore denied a residence permit renewal, may now be eligible to re-file their applications. Furthermore, the new rule also allows former residents of Italy to continue with their residence permit applications without having to sign a new integration agreement if they previously signed one.

The implementation of these regulations may vary from province to province depending on how local authorities interpret this new legislation.

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