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India – New Visa E-Services at Four FRROs

India’s Bureau of Immigration (BOI) has launched a new online “e-Services” system for application and processing of visa related services at its Foreigner Regional Registration Offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. Thus far, this new system is only being used in these select cities, but it is expected to be gradually introduced at additional FRROs and FROs throughout India in the coming weeks, eventually becoming the nation-wide standard.

What are the changes?

Effective immediately, the online e-Services portal allows foreign residents in India to submit visa extension applications and residence registrations electronically to the designated FRROs. The new system has functionality of accepting payments and sending text messages and email alerts with status updates. Users of the system will no longer need to visit the FRRO for residential permits, with issued permit delivered electronically or by post.

Use of the new electronic system is currently optional until it becomes fully tested in use. Foreign residents may still continue to use the current manual process by visiting the FRROs in person. Those who wish to use the new online system will need to register for accounts online on the FRRO portal.

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