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INDIA – A Refresher on Mexican and Canadian Travel Requirements for Indian Nationals

The following information is in regards to Indian nationals currently deployed to work in the United States and wish to travel to Canada or Mexico.


Indian nationals are required to obtain a Canadian visa for entry, unless they hold a U.S. Green Card. However, any Indian nationals intending to perform work related activities must apply for a work permit regardless of their U.S. Green Card status.


Any Indian national who holds a valid U.S. visa may enter Mexico – regardless of the type of U.S. visa, so long as it is valid. Under this scenario, the Indian national may stay no longer than 180 calendar days and the Indian national cannot be paid from a Mexican entity. If the assignee requires a stay greater than 180 days, he/she will have to apply for a Mexican work permit. This work permit must be sponsored by a Mexican entity that is registered and in good standing with the INM in Mexico.

If an Indian national holding a valid U.S. visa seeks to obtain Business Visitor status in Mexico, he/she must check the respective box on the Immigration Card given to them on the plane and then present the card to the Immigration Officer upon his/her arrival in Mexico. It should be noted that under this status, he/she are only authorized to hold business meetings or provide technical assistance to Mexican clients or to the Mexican subsidiary, for and on behalf of his/her foreign employer. These nationals must prove the reason for their trip to Mexico via supporting documentation. Immigration agents at the Mexican ports of entry will interview all nationals attempting to enter as a Business Visitor and request the supporting documentation. All Indian employees are advised to bring with him/her the proper documents and information upon entrance to Mexico.

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