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Hungary – New Immigration Categories Introduced

Two new immigration categories have been introduced, the intra-corporate transferee permit and the long-term mobility permit.

The following are criteria for an intra-corporate transferee permit

  • Issued by another EU Member state;
  • Permitted to work and reside at a company that is the same from their EU member state; and
  • Valid for up to 90 days.

The following are criteria for a long-term mobility permit:

  • Residence Permit; and
  • Available to foreign nationals on an Intra-Corporate Transferee Permit whose stay is longer than 90 days.

Foreign nationals whose stay is longer than 90 days but do not hold an Intra-Corporate Transferee Permit may still apply for one if the following criteria are met:

  • The foreign national must be employed by the sending entity for a minimum of 5-12 months for managers/experts or 3-6 months for trainees;
  • Companies must be linked by common ownership;
  • The foreign national must meet educational requirements;
  • Employment contract or assignment letter;
  • Salary must be consistent with what a local resident would expect to be paid for the same position;
  • Sponsoring entity must fulfill posted workers conditions;
  • Duration of stay is longer in Hungary than the other EU member state;
  • Proof of insurance;
  • Proof of financial support; and
  • Proof of accommodation.

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