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CANADA – Government Adjusts Fees for Temporary Resident Visas and Work Permits

Effective February 6th, 2014, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has implemented new application fees for both single and multiple-entry temporary resident visas (TRV’s), work permits, and study permits.

More Details

The following governmental fees will be adjusted for new and renewed permits:

  • Work Permit:
    • Previous Fee – $150 CAD
    • New Fee – $155 CAD
  • Single and Multi-Entry Temporary Resident Visas:
    • Previous Fee – $150 CAD
    • New Fee – $100 CAD
  • Study Permit:
    • Previous Fee – $125 CAD
    • New Fee – $150 CAD
  • Visitors seeking to extend their stay:
    • Previous Fee – $75 CAD
    • New Fee – $100 CAD

Other Changes

Applicants will no longer have to specifically request consideration for multiple-entry visas; rather, they will be automatically considered. Citizens of certain countries may also be required to obtain a work permit in addition to a TRV, as a TRV only grants entrance to Canada, but does not permit them to take up employment in Canada.

Please note that this is general information only and not intended as advice on a specific matter. Please contact Fakhoury Global Immigration directly with questions exclusive to your situation.

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