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Canada- Entry to Canada Will No Longer Require a Pre-Arrival COVID Test

Effective April 1, the Canadian government announced that fully vaccinated travelers do not need a pre-entry COVID-19 test to enter Canada.

Important things to remember:

▪ COVID tests upon arrival will still be administered sporadically, and those with positive test results are required to quarantine.

▪ For unvaccinated travelers, there is no change to the prior pre-entry test requirements. This includes COVID testing upon arrival, and a day-8 test, with a 14- day quarantine period.

▪ All travelers must continue to provide the needed information to the ArriveCAN app before entering Canada. Those who have not submitted the necessary information to the ArriveCAN app may be subjected to a COVID test and 14-day quarantine period upon arrival, whether or not vaccinated. For those traveling by plane or boat, the ArriveCAN information must be submitted within 72 hours before boarding.

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