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BRAZIL – Permanent Visa Conversion Process Simplified

Previously, foreign nationals were required to submit their request to convert a temporary work visa to a permanent visa with a conversion application and passport at the Federal Police office, which would then be forwarded onto the Ministry of Justice. A new decree that has already gone into effect, declares that the application may now be summited directly to the Ministry of Justice so long as this is done at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the temporary work visa. Additionally, foreign nationals will no longer be required to submit their actual passport but only a current, notarized copy instead. Following these submissions, the Ministry of Justice will issue a document of confirmation. Foreign nationals must keep this document affixed to their passport along with the expired RNE identification card. This will serve as proof of timely conversion application submission. Upon approval from the Ministry of Justice, the foreign national will be required to visit the Federal Police office that maintains jurisdiction over their place of residence in order to update their personal registration as a permanent-visa holder. Lastly, Brazilian passports are now to be valid for 10 years rather than only five, which will minimize the renewal requirements. These changes should ease the conversion process for foreign employees.

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