Vasudeva Nayak

Director of Global Mobility

Vasudeva Nayak brings to his role of Director of Global Mobility for Fakhoury Global Immigration an enduring passion for the dynamism and challenges of immigration law. “In this environment of tightening immigration laws,” he says, “finding the fine line between corporations and governments and ensuring that all parties benefit are complex tasks – and they keep me engaged in this field.”

Building solid relationships with governments and businesses has been a hallmark of Vasudeva’s career with FGI. He has worked extensively with consulates and immigration, state, and labor departments as well as corporate CEOs and managers at top companies to implement best practices in legal compliance processes. Moreover, he has facilitated clients in over 100 countries to obtain business visas, work permits, family visas, and resident, with a particular focus on the information technology (IT) field. “Immigration laws, eligibility requirements, petitioning processes and the necessary documentation varies from country to country, and they are all constantly evolving,” Vasudeva avers.

“Hence, understanding the laws and implementing effective systems is very important. It is imperative to be our customers’ strategic partner and provide them with the most valuable and timely service: their success is our success.” Vasudeva earned his Bachelor of Business Management degree from Mysore University in Mysore, India, and completed certification coursework at the Indian Institute of Management. In addition, he is a member of numerous Chambers of Commerce (CoC) including the Indo-America CoC, Indo-German CoC, Indo-Italian CoC, Bangalore CoC, Indo-Canadian CoC as well as the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) where he is an executive member of their Taskforce on International Migration and Diaspora. He has also been a guest speaker at numerous INSZoom conferences, the 2010 PwC Global Conference, and FICCI’s 9th Global Skills Summit. Vasudeva also enjoy yoga meditation, gardening, and traveling to new places.

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