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New Rules For Posted Worker Notifications

Effective July 30th, the Swedish Work Environment

Authority (SWEA) has announced some changes to the rules on posting

workers from abroad.

  • All postings must be notified to the SWEA no later than thedate the posting begins. Previously, employers only had to notify

    postings that lasted longer than 5 days.

  • If a posted worker is working at a client site in Sweden, acopy of the SWEA notification must be sent to the client (the

    recipient of the service). If the client does not receive a copy of

    the notification within three days of the work starting, they are

    required to report this to the SWEA, otherwise they will be fined.

    This requirement does not apply for services received


  • Employers must now inform a posted worker who is replacinganother posted worker to perform the same service in the same

    location, about the total length of the posting period. This is so

    that the posted worker can safeguard their rights to the extended

    working conditions and terms of employment that apply to a posting

    longer than 12 months.

  • The salary that the Swedish employee-representativeorganization may require in collective agreements may be more than

    a minimum salary. The employee may also have the right to

    compensation for travel, room and board during the posting in

    Sweden, as well as a right to accommodation.

  • Employee-representative organizations are expected to work outspecial collective agreements with terms for long-term posting

    (over 12 months).

Employers who may be affected are encouraged to contact an

immigration specialist for case-specific advice.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general

guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought

about your specific circumstances.

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