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USCIS Announces Trial Launch of E-Verify+: Upcoming Changes to Login Access

  • The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced a trial launch of E-Verify+ which will integrate Form I-9 with the E-Verify employment eligibility process into one seamless experience.
  • Newly hired employees will be able to set up a secure electronic account and automatically send their information and documentation to their E-Verify participating employer.
  • Once signed electronically by both the employer and employee, the I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, is automatically completed and ready for download.
  • Employees will be contacted directly if they cannot be verified immediately, eliminating the need for employers to deliver an additional action notice.
  • Most previously verified employees will be able to carry that status with subsequent employers.
  • Effective June 25, the E-Verify account log-in page will only be accessible through https://everify.uscis.gov/.
  • Users should review bookmarks to ensure they are using the current URL, everify.uscis.gov (without a dash).
  • The old URL (e-verify.uscis.gov/) using a dash in the E-Verify name and associated redirect will no longer work after this date, resulting in an error message.
  • Please review and update your bookmarks and saved favorites to reflect everify.uscis.gov (with no dash).
  • Also, users should update any material(s) used internally to reflect everify.uscis.gov.

SOURCE: E-Verify Users: Check Bookmarks for Login Access Before June 25 and Announcing the E-Verify+ Trial Launch!

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