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United Kingdom – Universal Jobmatch to be Replaced by ‘Find a Job’

It has been officially announced that Universal Jobmatch – a government website used by UK recruiters and Tier 2 licensed sponsors to advertise jobs – is being replaced by the ‘Find a Job’ service.

Universal Jobmatch is a mandatory form of advertising where an organization intends to sponsor a non-EU national under Tier 2 General and where the salary falls below £73,900.

  • While existing users will have access to Universal Jobmatch until June 17, 2018, the new service will be launched on May 14 and should be used after this date.
  • Only basic account information of the existing users will be migrated to the new service.
  • Job advertisements and applicant information will remain accessible via the Universal Jobmatch account until June 17, after which neither will be available. Users are therefore encouraged to download any information they are likely to need in the future, prior to their Universal Jobmatch accounts being shut down.
  • New employers will be able to create accounts on Universal Jobmatch until May 10. After May 14, new accounts can only be registered on Find a Job.

Employers are encouraged to save job applications of shortlisted candidates and full screenshots of any advertisements posted as part of the resident labor market search. Such screenshots must normally be taken on the date of posting ensuring that all the required information is clearly visible.

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