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United Arab Emirates – New Portal for Labour Market Test

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has launched the Tawteen portal, for labour market testing, to support UAE Nationals to take up jobs in the private sector.

Depending on the type of job offer that is uploaded onto the portal from the company, may be required to perform a labour market search. The portal allows a UAE national who has been unemployed for 3 months to register on the portal and have access to the job listings before the foreign nationals. If no UAE national is found, the company may hire a different candidate.

The objectives of the portal are:

  • Enhancing the participation of the UAE nationals in the private sector;
  • To qualify, in collaboration and coordination with the stakeholders, the national human resources in alignment with the demands in the labour market;
  • Provide a seamless and accessible platform to attract targeted candidates;
  • Provide privileges and incentives to the private sector entities registered with MOHRE that support qualifying, training, and empowering of UAE nationals.

Please note that this is general information only and not intended as advice on a specific matter. Please feel free to contact Fakhoury Global Immigration directly with questions exclusive to your situation.

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