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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Mandatory Health Insurance Law in its Final Stage

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issued a health insurance law in 2013 requiring all citizens and foreign nationals residing in Dubai and the free zones to be covered by a health insurance plan. The mandatory health insurance law was implemented in three stages since 2014 with the goal of covering all 3 million residents by June 30, 2016.

Large and medium sized companies are already subject to the requirements of the health insurance law but it will now extend to all including companies with less than 100 employees on June 30th. Companies are required to cover employees by the aforementioned deadline but if an employee’s dependents are not covered under their health plan, they must arrange their own insurance coverage. If an individual does not have health insurance, their visas and work permits will not be issued or renewed. Companies and foreign nationals will be given a grace period until their first renewal date but they it is only for a period of 12 months after the June 30th deadline. Those in violation of the health insurance law are subject to monetary penalties ranging from 500 AED to 150,000 AED.

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