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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Implementation of “Zero Overstay Policy”

The UAE government has implemented a “zero overstay policy” in order to ensure compliance from foreign nationals on visa policies. Effectively immediately, for every overstayed day, foreign nationals will be fined AED 200 (about $54 USD) at the airport upon exit. This will be done for a maximum of five days. If a foreign national has overstayed beyond five days, he/she will be required to obtain an exit pass and pay the fine at that same time. The sponsoring company will also be subject to an additional fine of AED 1,020 (about $280 USD) per day. The company must submit payment of the fine within 24 hours. Non-compliant sponsoring companies may face a ban from sponsoring future travelers to the UAE. This policy affects all travelers on a short-stay business or tourist visa. A final change includes that tourist visas will no longer be extended in country. Failing to exit prior to the visa’s expiry will make the holder subject to the new overstay fines.

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