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UAE – Mandatory Online Filing for Employment Entry and Residence Permit Applications in Dubai

Any new and renewal Employment Entry and Residence Permit applications from companies with five or more employees will have to be filed online using Dubai Immigration’s eDNRD e-services platform, as paper applications will no longer be accepted at Dubai Immigration. This change is only applicable to entities that operate in mainland Dubai; no changes have been made to the filing process in Free Trade Zones. Before employers are able to file applications in the online system, they must register and create an account. Although it is still unclear when these applications must be e-filed, employers must register and create an account on the system by May 18th. It is advisable for employers to begin e-filing all applications immediately following their registration on the system. To create an account, the following documents are required from employers:

  • A copy of the sponsoring entity’s Trade License and Immigration Establishment Card;
  • A copy of the entity’s authorized signatory’s passport information page and Emirates ID card;
  • An application to be completed in both English and Arabic; and
  • An authorization letter.

After creating an account, employers may also have to obtain an e-wallet (Noqodi) account, which will allow for the payment of processing fees. The online system will allow multiple users to use the account and create applications.

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