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Taiwan – Immigration Alert – Amended and Newly Added Regulations in Immigration Act

Effective immediately, the below amended regulations will come into effect:

1. Foreigners born in China and applying for ARC or APRC should additionally provide relevant documents to prove they do not have a household registration in China or have obtained a Chinese passport.
2. Foreigners applying for residency renewal can now submit their applications within 3 months before the expiration of their current residency, extending from the previous 30 days before the expiration.
3. Foreigners who overstay will be fined from TWD 10,000 to TWD 50,000. Previously this fine was TWD 2,000 – TWD 10,000.
4. Foreigners who have overstayed, resided, or worked illegally will face a period of prohibition from entering the country from one to seven years. Preivously this was one to three years.

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