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Taiwan – Entrance Policy Update

The restrictions on entry and quarantine for non-nationals will be restricted, and quarantine measures for incoming passengers will be strengthened from January 15, 2021.

Taiwan CDC states that the restrictions on entry and quarantine of non-nationals are as follows:

(1) People who are not Taiwan nationals must meet the following conditions to enter Taiwan.

  • Foreigners: Hold an ARC, diplomacy, business performance, humanitarian considerations, spouses and minor children of Taiwan nationals, and other special permits.
  • Hong Kong and Macau: Hold the residence permit, perform business contracts, transfer within multinational companies, spouses, and minor children of Taiwan nationals, or the project permission.
  • PRC: Hold the residence permit, spouse, and minor children of Taiwan nationals, or the project permission.

(2) Suspend the transit of passengers to Taiwan.

(3) Short-term business traveler for the shortened quarantine, except for those who have been approved, the rest will need to resume the quarantine for 14 days.

(4) Suspend international medical care (except for special or emergency project permits).

Starting on January 15, 2021, in addition to the COVID RT-PCR report within 3 days before boarding by the original regulations, inbound passengers must also provide a quarantine residence certificate (in principle, may be from a group quarantine facility or quarantine hotel).

If applicants choose home quarantine, no other family member (who does not also need to quarantine) is allowed to stay in the same apartment during the quarantine period. The incoming passengers must also sign an affidavit to the above.

Entry quarantine measures will be adjusted in due course according to the epidemic situation and implementation status.

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