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Spain – EU Directive Implemented

The EU Directive 2014/67 67 has been implemented effect May 29, 2017 concerning posted workers on the requirements for companies seconding foreign nationals to Spain.

The current “Communication of Transfer” rules have now been amended to the following:

  • The Communication of Transfer will soon need to be filed online (an electronic filing system will be introduced within the next six months);
  • The name and contact information of the legal representative of the of the foreign company will be required, as well as the information of the representative maintaining the document storage procedures in the Communication of Transfer;
  • Documents of the posted worker, such as payslips and employment contracts, should be translated in Spanish, during the transfer and termination of the foreign national.

The EU Directive 2014/67 requires the specific notifications and retention of documents for foreign nationals posted temporarily in an EU country.

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