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SOUTH KOREA – Changes to ARC Collection Rules

A recent change by the Seoul Office of the South Korean Immigration Service has declared the following change to the collection of Alien Registration Cards (ARC): depending on the type of visa one holds, he/she may no longer delegate a registered attorney or immigration office agent to obtain an ARC on his/her behalf. The concerned visa types include the D Type (excluding D-4, D-7, D-8, and D-9) and F Type (excluding F-1, F-3, F-4, and F-5). These holders must either visit the South Korean immigration office in person with the receipt or receive the ARC by the designated courier of the immigration office. Only E Type (excluding E-2, E-6, and E-9) visa holders can delegate a registered attorney or an agent the task of collecting an ARC. Please note that this regulation is applied only to applications for ARCs conducted at the South Korean Immigration Seoul Office in Mok-dong.

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