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Slovakia – Long queues for temporary residence permits at foreign police office in Bratislava

The number of non-EU nationals attending the Foreign Police office in Bratislava to submit initial and renewal applications for temporary residence permits (including single permits) has increased significantly in recent weeks, leading to very long queues.

Many applicants arrive early, before the office opens, and may wait all day, sometimes without being served.

The delays are only likely to improve once the Foreign Police hires more staff to deal with the increased workload.

Action Items

  • If possible, first-time temporary residence applicants should consider submitting their applications via a Slovak diplomatic mission in their country of residence.
  • Applicants who need to attend the Foreign Police in Bratislava for their applications should be prepared for a long wait.
  • Employers in Slovakia who may be affected by these delays are advised to consult an immigration specialist.

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