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Russia – New Work Permit Regulations Bring Administrative Changes

Effective 4 February 2018, new regulations on issuing work permits bring some administrative changes to the work permit rules.

What are the changes?

  • For the purpose of obtaining a work permit, including for Highly-Qualified Specialists (HQS), the passport of a foreign national must now be valid for at least eighteen months, as of the date of the application, rather than twelve months as previously. An application for a letter of invitation already required the passport to be valid for eighteen months, so the impact of this change is minimal.
  • The specifications for a photograph for HQS work permit applications are now as follows:
    • Aspect ratio 35 x 45 mm;
    • Head height from 32 to 36 mm;
    • Head width from 18 to 25 mm;
    • Uniform illumination;
    • No “red-eye” effect;
    • Background: one-colored, light but not white. Preferably grey or light-blue;
    • Retouching not allowed; and
    • Image must correspond to employee’s up-to-date appearance.
  • Application forms for all types of permits submitted on behalf of a company must be signed by the chief executive (head of branch or representative office) or by other persons who have the authority to sign documents without a Power of Attorney. The job title of the signatory must be indicated.
  • Provisions stating that work permit renewal and correction applications are not subject to state fee, have been excluded from the Regulations. Renewal and correction fees are expected to be established in the near future.
  • If the documents provided to the authority contain notes made with a pencil, this is basis not to accept the application.
  • Standard (non-HQS) work permit processing time is increased to 15 business days.

Companies and employees applying for work permits for Russia should ensure that they meet the new requirements.

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