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Romania – New Minimum Salary for Work Permits

Romania – New Minimum Salary for Work Permits

Effective February 20, 2017, the Romanian government has implemented new minimum salary requirements for foreign nationals as follows:

  • The new minimum salary required for foreign nationals with a standard work permit is 3131 RON/month (up from 2681 RON/month) which is equal to the national medium gross salary as set out in Law no.7 of 2017.
  • Highly skilled workers with a Blue Card are required to be paid four times this amount (approximately 12524 RON/month currently).
  • The employee must be paid at least another 1450 RON/month (up from 1050 RON/month) per accompanying dependent (equal to the national minimum gross salary).

Employers must ensure that foreign nationals’ employment contracts state that they are paid at least the minimum required salary according to their work permit type.

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