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Restrictions to the issuance of Colombian visas

On March 22nd, 2020, the President of the Republic issued Decree 457 by which he ordered mandatory national preventive isolation from March 25th, 00:00 am until to April 13th, 00:00 am.

Given the extension of the period of isolation established by the Mayor of Bogotá and the mandatory preventive isolation decreed by the Presidency of the Republic, the Internal Work Group on Visas and Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take the following measures regarding the operation of visa services:

  1. Visa applications filed with consulates will be inadmissible, regardless of class or category.
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will accept visa applications for study and electronic approval, but will not make visa stamps in the passport.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Relations will not study visa applications from foreigners who are outside Colombian territory.

In turn, Migración Colombia, the entity in charge, among others, of carrying out the visa registrations and issuance of foreigners ID cards, will take the following measures pursuant to Resolution 918 of March 19th 2020:

  1. Suspension of the validity terms of the Permanent Safe-conducts (SC-2) until May 30th, 2020. However, the measure excludes Permanent Safe-conducts SC-2 issued for the request and/or change of visa and recognition of refugee status.
  2. Extend the principle of opportunity for amendment or refrain from initiating administrative actions by taking into consideration exonerating causes of liability to foreigners who, due to preventive isolation measures, could not carry out the registration of the visa and the application of foreigners ID card in the terms of law.
    Bear in mind that it is necessary to have a stamped visa to proceed with the visa registration and foreigners ID card application.
  3. Temporarily suspend, until May 30ththe count period of absence for the cancellation of special stay permits PEP.
  4. Suspend the term of the authorized stay for holders of entry and stay permits in the category “permits for other activities” POA, except for the permission granted by Shore Pass or to the members of the maritime or river crew.

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