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Peru – Virtual Immigration Agency

Effective June 3, 2020, the Peruvian Immigration Authority will begin carrying out virtual online services for foreign nationals and Peruvian citizens. The “Virtual Immigration Agency” allows face-to-face procedures to be carried through for applications that were pending or were forced to reschedule due to the State of National Emergency via the web portal

The online system will allow procedures such as the following, among others:

  • Change of Immigration Status / In-country Process – Post arrival;
  • Residence Authorization Renewal;
  • Special Travel Permit;
  • Permit to Sign Contracts. (Tourists and Students);
  • Registration in the Central Register of Foreigners and Issuance of the Foreign Card;
  • Duplicate of Foreign Card;
  • Modification of Information in the Central Register of Foreigners;
  • Certificate of Migratory Movement;
  • Duplicate of the Temporary Residence Permit – PTP;
  • Refund of Payments; and
  • Status / In- country Process – Post arrival and Residence Authorization Renewal).

Those who may be affected are encouraged to contact an immigration specialist for case-specific advice.

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