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Mozambique – New Work Permit Regulations

New regulations published in the Mozambique Official Gazette are to be implemented beginning November 29, 2016. These regulations affect all work permits except for those in the petroleum and mining sector.

The new regulations will affect short term work permits, increasing the validity of the current 30 days to 90 days. Government processing fees will soon be implemented for all short term work permits. As of now, short term work permits for the sector of oil, gas, and mining incur a government fee.

Quota work permits will also require an additional application step, such as proof that the hiring employer has no national social security debt, as well as the request of additional personal documents, such as the applicant’s diploma or its equivalent issued by the relevant Mozambican authority.

Employers found to be in noncompliance will encounter tougher sanctions. A fine of 10 times the salary of the highest paid worker will be issued to a company that claims they hired Mozambican workers to increase their quota, but did not, on their annual tax return. The new regulation will also mandate the dismissal of a foreign national employee for every Mozambique employee that is terminated.

Employment agencies will no longer be allowed to sponsor work permits for foreign nationals, as they will soon be required to be sponsored by the agency of where they are to be placed.

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