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Malaysia – Permit Holder with New Passport Must Complete Transfer of Endorsement Before Exiting Malaysia

The airport immigration authorities in Malaysia have recently begun refusing permission to exit to foreign national permit holders who have a new passport but have not yet transferred their permit.

Holders of permits including Employment Pass, Dependent Pass, Professional Visit Pass, Student Pass and Long-Term Social Visit Pass who have new passports but have not completed Transfer of Endorsement (TOE) procedures will not be allowed to exit Malaysia, even if they have begun the process and can present a submission acknowledgement from the immigration authorities at Putrajaya.

Below are the current estimated processing times for transfer of endorsement procedures at the different processing agencies:

  • ESD (Putrajaya & MYXpats Centre): 3-5 working days
  • MDEC (MSC & ICT): 3-5 working days
  • TalentCorp (RP-T): 14-20 working days

Employers should ensure that permit holders with new passports must complete the transfer of endorsement procedures before making any travel plans.

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