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Malaysia – New Regulations by Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation

Reported previously, Malaysia’s Expatriate Service Division implemented new requirements for professional visit and professional passes. Along with these changes, the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) will also begin implementing new regulations, effective September 1, which will impact companies with MSC or ICT status and foreign national employees and their dependents. Companies with MSC or ICT status is a recognition by the Government of Malaysia through MDEC that develop or use multimedia technologies to produce and improve their products and services.

The new policies are listed below:

  • Passports must be valid for at least 12 months of the date a visa is endorsed.
  • Foreign nationals on a Category III employment pass that wish to apply for the same category, and any dependents, must cancel their pass and exit Malaysia and apply for a Visa Without Reference in their home country.
  • A cooling off period of 90 days is required for a foreign national that wishes to change employers on the Category III employment pass. The foreign national must exit and remain outside of Malaysia for 90 days beginning once the previous employment pass is cancelled.
  • Approval letters are now required to enter Malaysia for all employment pass applicants and their family members.
  • Applications for permission to study under an employment pass must be submitted via e-Xpats Service Center.
  • A three step process is now required to apply for a Special Pass of a newborn if the parents fail to apply for a dependent pass within six months of the child’s birth.
  • A new original confirmation letter is required for every renewal of a social visit pass for children over 18 or common-law partners.

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