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MALAYSIA – Authorities Resume Issuing i-Kad ID Document

The immigration authorities at Putrajaya have resumed issuing i-Kad ID cards (formerly known as i-Pass) to all holders of Employment Passes (EP) and Dependent Passes (DP).


The i-Kad is optional, and allows travel within peninsular Malaysia without a passport.

Issuance of i-Kad (i-Pass) cards was suspended in September 2014. Until then, holders of EPs and DPs issued by the immigration authorities at the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) or the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) could only apply for an i-Pass card through the relevant immigration authority, and the applications were then forwarded to Putrajaya for processing. Now, all applications for i-Kad are submitted directly to Putrajaya.

How to Apply

The i-Kad is no longer issued automatically with the endorsement of the EP/DP – an application has to be made for the card. The application can be made any time after the EP/DP is endorsed in the passport. The validity of the card follows the validity of the EP/DP. Application can be made by the foreign national personally or through a representative of the host company.

If the application is made in person, the following documents are required:

  • Letter from the host company requesting the i-Kad;
  • Application form; and
  • Copy of the bio-data page and the EP/DP endorsement page of the applicant’s passport.

If the application is made by the company representative, the following documents are also required:

  • Letter from the company authorizing the representative; and
  • Copy of the Malaysian ID (NRIC) of the company representative and proof of employment with the company in the form of EPF statement/Company card.

Processing time is estimated to be one working day. However, as this initiative is new, the volume of applications is still very low. Presently, the authorities are able to process the card application within a day. As the volume of applications increases, processing time may be longer. There is no charge for the card. However for replacement of card (initial card lost or damaged) the authorities will impose a small charge. Any i-Kad card which has been issued and not collected within a month will be terminated and the application will need to be made again, in which case charges will be imposed for the card.

Action Items

Holders of Employment Passes or Dependent Passes who wish to obtain an i-Kad card should apply at Putrajaya with all the required supporting documents.

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