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Japan – Suspension of Visas

As of December 26, seven people who had arrived in Japan from Britain were infected with a new mutant variant of the coronavirus, and amid the record highs in Tokyo and nationwide, the government announced Saturday evening that it would stop issuing visas between December 28, 2020 to the end of January.

The new directive means most nonresident foreign nationals will not be able to enter Japan from December 28, 2020 until the end of January. There will be an exception for business travelers from 11 countries and territories, most of them in Asia, including China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other nations that Japan has agreements with that have relaxed travel restrictions.

Nonresident foreign nationals who had obtained visas before December 28th will, in principle, be allowed into Japan. However, those who have stayed in Britain or South Africa within 14 days of applying for a visa will be barred entry.

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