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ITALY – Expedited Process for Intracompany Transferees

As a result of a fast track program implemented by the Ministry of Interior, non-EU intracompany transferees in Italy will now be eligible to receive expedited two to three-week work permit processing. The same documentation requirements are still expected of these individuals, but this program does eliminate the need for pre-approval from the Italian Labor Board, which is required for non-expedited work permits. The two to three week processing time is a large decrease in comparison to the two to five months required under the standard process.

In order to qualify for this program, employers must register for the fast track program on the Ministry of Interior’s website, make all minimum social security payments, and complete an agreement with the Ministry. Upon approval of the employer’s application, the foreign worker may apply to an Italian consular post for his/her work permit. After issuance of the work permit and within eight days of arrival in Italy, the foreign worker is still expected to complete a Contract of Stay at the local immigration office. Following this requirement, he/she must also file a Permit of Stay application. The fast track program requires certain documents to be notarized and legalized.

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