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IRELAND – Registration for Fast-Track Employment Permits Now Open for Approved Companies

Approved companies are now able to register for Ireland’s Trusted Partner Initiative (TPI), which grants them fast-track employment permit application service. These companies will benefit from a streamlined application process with reduced document submission requirements and faster turnaround on applications.

All types of employment permits, except for Contract for Services Employment Services, are affected under this change. Companies that qualify for TPI status include those that regularly apply for employment permits, start-up companies, and companies expanding their expatriate workforce.

The goal is to improve the application process for employers, reduce government processing times on employment permit applications, to improve business conditions for companies by reducing paperwork and providing faster decisions on employment permits.

Application Process for TPI status:

Companies that wish to obtain TPI status must first fill out a registration form, provide a written attestation, and include a declaration that states that they will notify the Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation of any changes and that all of the information contained in the permit application regarding the employee’s conditions is true. Companies should also provide documentation of their registration with the Office of the Revenue Commission. Decisions on whether the company obtained TPI status will be released within two business days. Once approved, companies will be issued a registration number and will have access to their own package of employment permit application forms. TPI status is valid for two years but may be renewed within eight weeks prior to the expiration date of TPI status.

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