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HUNGARY – Quota Introduced for non-EEA National Workers; Plus Changes to Headcount Statement Requirement

Effective now, Hungary has imposed an annual quota for the maximum number of non-EEA (European Economic Area) nationals who can be granted work permits.

Additionally, foreign–owned companies applying for work permits or combined work and residence permits, must now submit a statement of the number of non-EEA nationals on their payroll or working on assignment in the last quarter, instead of a headcount statement for the last full calendar year.


The quota, introduced by the Hungarian government in August 2015, allows 59,000 work permits or combined work and residence permits to be issued to non-EEA nationals until the end of 2015. A new quota will be announced each year.

Payroll Statement

In addition to a headcount statement as of the day of application, a foreign-owned company submitting an application for a work permit or combined work and residence permit must now provide a headcount statement for the previous quarter, instead of one for the previous calendar year.

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