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HUNGARY – Hungary to Limit the Number of Non-EU Workers

On July 18, 2015, Hungary released a new decree in order to secure that the monthly average of job openings are not exceeded by non-EU nationals. The impact of limiting the amount of non-EU workers will depend on two factors: whether or not the number of non-EU nationals working in Hungary does not increase and if the monthly average of job openings does not surpass the number of non-EU nationals.

Hungary’s purpose for the decree is to guarantee that the total number of non-EU workers in the country does not exceed the monthly average of job openings which also directly restricts the impact that immigration has on the country. The government will measure job openings by counting published workforce posts but will not count open government positions or job openings specifically requesting the employment of “third-country nationals”. Hungary has not yet announced how these figures will be exactly calculated or clarified how to define the recruitment of third-country nationals for employment.

Hungary expects to publish data on monthly averages of open jobs and number of non-EU nationals who are working in Hungary in August.

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