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Hong Kong – Indian Nationals Subject to Pre-Arrival Registration

Hong Kong has will be requiring Indian nationals to successfully complete an online pre-arrival registration before travelling to Hong Kong beginning January 23, 2017. Currently, Indian nationals are visa exempt for up to 14 days, however, after January 23, will require the approval as well to utilize the 14 day visa free visit. The registration is due to a rise in illegal immigrants entering Hong Kong from India.

Indian nationals that are exempt from requiring the pre-arrival registration are holders of a diplomatic or official passport, or those who have enrolled for the e-Channel service for frequent visitors. The registration is not required for Indian nationals that will travel in direct transit by air and not leaving the airport transit area.

The pre-arrival registration will open on December 19th and is free of charge. The results are instant, in which if approved, the traveler must print their “Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals” for the purposes of boarding a plane bound for Hong Kong. Each pre-arrival registration is valid for 6 months, or until the expiry date of the passport, for a stay up to 14 days on each visit.

If the pre-arrival registration is unsuccessful, the Indian national must apply to the Immigration Department directly for an entry visa if they wish to visit Hong Kong.

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