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FRANCE – Proposed Changes to Immigration Categories

France has recently published significant changes to the immigration rules though an implementation date has not been determined. The proposed draft-law includes the introduction of multi-year permits, the creation of new categories and elimination of short-term work permits for assignments that are under 3 months. Below is a brief outline of the possible changes.

  • Four Year Permit: All non-EU nationals (except for visitors, trainees, and self-employed professionals) would be able to renew their one-year permits for multiple year permits valid for a maximum of four years, providing that they can justify their adhesion to French values.
  • Talent Passports: A certain number of the existing work permit categories would be modified and two new categories would be created under a single permit called the “Talent Passport”. The nine sub-categories include:
    1. Entrepreneur*: for people who have either a master’s degree or a minimum of five year’s professional experience who wish to start a business, the criteria is still to be decided;
    2. Highly Qualified Worker*: this category would replace the European Blue Card permit and there would probably be no major changes;
    3. Intra-Company Transfer*: there would be an additional requirement for an employee who is moved to the French company, therefore becoming a French employee. The employee must have a minimum of three months employment with the group;
    4. Artist*: no changes are foreseen;
    5. Talent Passport*:  for internationally recognized foreign nationals in the areas of science, literature, education, sport, or intellectual fields. Changes are still to be determined;
    6. Young Qualified Graduate: a new category for students who have obtained a master degree or high level graduates from a French university who have been proposed an employment contract with a minimum salary, that still remains to be decided;
    7. Scientist: no changes are proposed;
    8. Inventor Category: this would replace the previous Exceptional Economic Contribution category, the minimum investment would be reduced to 500 K€ from the previous requirement of 10 million €, and the creation of 10 jobs rather than the previous requirement to create 50 jobs;
    9. Executive Officer: this would replace the permit Skills & Talents, with no major changes.

(*The above five categories would not require a separate work permit.)

(All accompanying family members of all Talent Passport visa holders could apply for multi-annual permits and would be allowed to work.)

This alert was prepared with the help of Expat Partners.

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