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Finland- Employer Certification

The Finnish residence permit process has recently been updated to emphasize the obligations of the employer by simplifying the process with the obtainment of an employer certification for Finish companies.

The company can apply for an employer certification if they meet the following requirements:

  1. the company has had positive equity each year during the recent 3 years
  2. during the past 3 years, employees working for the company have been granted at least 10 work-based residence permits, of which at least 3 have been extended permits
  3. the company has met its obligations as an employer
  4. The employees’ terms of employment comply with the provisions in force and with the relevant collective agreement

The benefits of having an employer certification for your company are that applicants will no longer need to enter the information about the company separately for each employee’s application and the employees do not need to fill in the terms of employment in their applications.

The government fee to apply for an employment certification is 195€.

Please reach out to FGI for further information.

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